Why Use Nurses as Cost of Future Care Experts

When your case involves future costs of care, you need an expert to accurately assess your clients’ needs who understands the full spectrum and interplay of medical diagnoses, treatments, medications and client goals. Connect Experts has the perfect expert for this role; Nurse Life Care Planners.

Nurses are incredibly valuable assets in the medical and legal industries. Their knowledge, expertise and assessment skills are why nurses are the first people Connect Experts turn to when a future cost of care report is needed. Nurses adopt an objective approach to each case, ensuring that every recommendation has a medical basis and that they communicate their recommendations in a clear, understandable manner.

Here’s why nurses are at the top of the list when it comes to choosing a cost of care consultant or life care planner:

1. As a client, there’s nothing more reassuring than having a nurse you can trust. Nurses have a positive rapport with patients that goes beyond a good bedside manner to truly understanding the unique case and situation of each individual. They are highly trusted in the healthcare setting and viewed as credible and trustworthy by friends, families and other healthcare professionals. A survey by Gallup consistently finds nurses are seen as the most honest, ethical group of professionals.

2. No piece of the healthcare puzzle should be overlooked when developing a life care plan. Nurses take an objective, holistic, integrated approach to healthcare and consider physical, emotional and psychological demands and stressors when creating future cost of care plans.

3. Nurses perform this role in the medical field in collaboration with other healthcare professionals – as Hospital to Home Transition Managers, Case Managers for the chronically or catastrophically injured and Home Care specialists. Working in multiple fields from the date of the injury until the end of life, nurses understand the wide spectrum of diagnosis, treatment and medication.

4. When determining future care costs, you want someone who understands and considers current and future needs, potential complications and all of the service and support systems available. Nurses recognize that social determinants such as income, employment and housing have a significant impact on health and affect the need for intervention and resources. They address all medical avenues when developing a plan of care to ensure the needs of the catastrophically and chronically injured are met.

Nurses are the by far the prevalent providers of Cost of Future Care reports in the U.S.  Connect Experts is proud to bring this service to Canada.

Connect Experts has always understood the unparalleled value, knowledge and credibility that nurses bring to the life care planning sector. At Connect Experts, it is not a question of why but how to access our country’s best for life care planning consultations. Our nurses have an average of 25 years of nursing experience, understand their role in the litigation process and have received extensive and specialized training as cost of future care consultants.

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