The Team

Connect Experts: Canada's Top Medical/Legal Experts Team

Led By Chris Rokosh, President And CEO / Founder

Chris Rokosh


Chris Rokosh is a trailblazing nurse entrepreneur who, after 25 years working in healthcare, decided to change things. Many nurses simply accept that things are the way they are in healthcare, but Chris Rokosh doesn’t. She believes that not only can we do better, we want to do better. We just don’t always know how. Chris’s 40 year nursing career..

Rick Rokosh

Vice President/ COO

Rick Rokosh is the VP and COO of Connect Medical Legal Experts. He has been instrumental in the growth and foundational structures of Connect Experts. He has managed the Administrative roles for the past five years, as well as spearheading the Marketing team. Rick is a seasoned entrepreneur primarily as an IT consultant with technology startups in Canada and the U.S. and large utility and oil and gas..

Chantel Josiak

RN BScN CCHN(c) LNC Senior Consultant - Experts Lead

Chantel joined Connect Experts in 2018 and leads the Nurse Expert location service. Chantel completed her Bachelor of Nursing with Distinction in 2008 at Mount Royal College/Athabasca University. Her nursing experience is concentrated in Public Health with a focus on empowering families and communities to achieve their health goals. She collaborates with allied health professionals (e.g. Dietician) to ensure continuity of care. Chantel was a Clinical Nurse..

Erin Vasicek

Executive Assistant

Erin Vasicek is the Medical Administrative Specialist / Executive Assistant for all areas of Connect Experts. Erin is a graduate from the Laboratory and X-ray Technology program at NAIT and joined us in 2012. Her early years saw her running a satellite lab for Associated Clinical Pathologists and soon after continued with Canadian Blood Services with various medical administrative positions. She joined Alberta Health..

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