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Absolutely!  We can discuss the case with you to ensure you understand the key medical issues and identify the experts you need to comment on standards of care and causation. We can also offer a Case Merit, with a review of the medical records, a brief report and much more insight. We can even help draft the Statement of Claim/Defence to ensure you capture the essence of the issues, and accurately identify all potential players.  If you need support from another lawyer, we will gladly connect you to one of the more experienced medical malpractice lawyers we work with with.

You probably can do this by yourself, but we have a ready roster of current experts that other lawyers have used (and recommended), and we support the expert through the process, saving you time and money. Focus your time on what really makes financial sense. We've found and mentored) thousands of experts, for hundreds of lawyers.  We work consistently with many of the top litigators across Canada and the US.  They continue to use us, because it is time saved and money well spent.

Connect Experts cost is dependent on the type of expert required.

  • For doctors there is a location fee of $1500, followed by hourly rates starting at $400/hour.
  • For nurses, primary allied healthcare and allied health professionals, Cost of Future Care reports and Nurse Observers there is no location fee – just an hourly fee based on their type of specialty and experience.  Rates start at $200/hour.
  • For large scale work, bulk medical record review (e.g. class action), prices vary depending on the volume of work and your specific review and reporting requirements.  Where possible, we keep costs contained by using in house IT, admin and project management resources. Fees are variable, starting at $75/hour.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority.  When you request an expert, we will carefully vet them, briefly discuss the case issues to ensure they feel well qualified for the case, and clear conflicts of time and interest. We then send you a copy of their CV and hourly rate for your review and approval.  If you are not happy with the expert, for any reason, we will continue our search until we find just the right expert for your case.  You will not be charged any money until you choose to retain someone. Our success rate is as close to 100% as it could be.  Note that we don’t guarantee that you will get the opinion you’re hoping for.  If you request a second opinion by another expert on the same case, we will repeat the entire process for a reduced rate.

Absolutely.  Our Expert Witness locators are experienced Registered Nurses who are trained as Legal Nurse Consultants.  In many cases, a simple phone conversation will determine the type of healthcare expert(s) you need.  If necessary, one of our nurses will provide a quick review of the medical records free of charge to uncover the key issues in your case.

Although we appreciate your desire for a supportive opinion, our experts understand that the providing expert opinion is an important responsibility due to the fact that the outcomes of malpractice lawsuits affect patients, healthcare professionals, public funding and the institutions that provide healthcare. Our experts are instructed hat their work must be unbiased, defensible, objective, credible, accurate and complete. We strongly encourage our experts to follow the ethical and professional standards of their governing bodies

Great!  There are multiple ways to get started. You can give us a brief description of your case via our online “Find my Expert” form, call us toll free at 855-278-9273,  text Connect Experts at 403-984-3991 or email us at Experts@ConnectMLX.com. Someone will get in touch with your shortly.

Certainly. We’ve provided experts for personal injury cases, pharmaceutical and medical device class actions, criminal matters, occupational health and safety cases, government inquiries, correctional facility cases, human rights issues, sporting accidents, cases involving injury at schools, camps and daycare, and many other types of litigation. We can help you with any case that would benefit from healthcare knowledge.

The earlier the better!  At the beginning of a case, our experts can help determine merit, provide education on key issues, and assist with drafting the statement of claim and/or questions for examination.  They can then provide a great expert report based on a thorough understanding of the case and support you through to settlement or trial. Understand that our experts are busy with their clinical work, but happy to help when they can.  The earlier we engage them the more likely is that they can devote the necessary time and energy required for your very important case.

Life is busy. We understand.  Get in touch and we’ll do everything we can to find someone who can work within your timelines.  Note that extra fees will apply for cases requiring expert opinion in less than 30 days.

Connect Expert does not work on contingency or accept delayed or partial payment for services. We do not accept payment from your clients. You will receive interim invoices throughout the lifespan of each case. Full payment of each invoice is due within 30 days. If you are new to Connect Experts, or have had trouble paying your invoices in the past, we will request a retainer before starting your case.

>Connect Experts does not locate experts or provide services to the public.  We work directly and only with lawyers.
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