Do You Need Unprecedented Medical-Legal Expertise For Your Class Action Litigation?

Leverage Our Experience And Resources In Class Action And Mass Tort Litigation

Connect Experts knows that accurate, timely and cost effective medical record analysis is crucial in order to understand case merit and to manage an effective and efficient class action litigation. word lawsuit Our experts are intimately familiar with the medical components of the case and the institutions that provide assessment and treatment.

We have or will locate experts anywhere in Canada or internationally to assist lawyers with their cases

  • Provide detailed and relevant healthcare information and education to litigators including:
  • Explanation of key terms, medical physiology and identify best specialties for your particular case
  • Outline related clinical procedures and inner workings of related healthcare facility/providers
  • Assist with assessment of class size, potential claimant impact
  • Medical record retrieval and organization using customized technology.
  • Caring and knowledgable contact for claimants, assisting with defining relevant care providers for medical records
  • Rapid analysis and summary of large volumes of medical records
  • Participate in or assume full responsibility for claim package preparation and submission

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely.  We can discuss your case with you over the phone to ensure you understand the case issues, and give you some idea of the types of experts you need. We can go the next step and do a full Case Merit – where you’ll get much more detail. We can even help you with the Statement of Claim/Defence to ensure you capture the essence of the issues, and name all potential defendants.

You probably can do this by yourself – but is it time well spent?  We have a roster of current experts that other lawyers have used (and recommended), and we support the expert through the process potentially saving you time and money. Focus your time on what really makes financial sense.

And are you getting the quality of expert you need?  We've found (and mentored) hundreds of experts, for hundreds of lawyers.  We work consistently with many of the top litigators across Canada.  They continue to use us – because it is time well saved and money well spent.

The cost is dependent on the type of expert required.

  • For doctors we have a fixed location fee of $1250, and an administration fee of 25% for the support we provide to the expert (and yourself) as the case proceeds.  The hourly rate for the physician is set by them – and can vary significantly (between $300 - $1200 per hour)
  • For nurses and other allied healthcare professionals, there is no location fee – just a straight hourly fee, again varying on the type of specialty required and the experience of the expert.  Fees generally range from $200 to $300 per hour.
  • For larger scale work – such as bulk medical record review (e.g. class action), the cost varies depending on the volume of work and the expertise of the expert.  We try to use cheaper resources for administrative work where possible to keep your costs contained and have IT and project management resources available.  The cost for Legal Nurse Consultants is from $80 - $150 per hour.

This does occur – rarely, but has happened. We have received requests for particular specialties, where it becomes apparent that a different specialty is required. 

If you don't get the opinion you wanted, that is unfortunate but likely that you are getting the opinion you need.

For the second expert on the same case, we do charge half price.

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