Expert opinions offered at Brain Injury Conference 2017 in Vancouver

When Canada's top medical/legal experts gathered last week for the Brain Injury Conference 2017 in Vancouver, there was no doubt that this trauma is one of the most catastrophic a person will face in their lifetime. From a litigation perspective, it's also one of the most complex.

The approximately 200 participants and speakers at the two-day Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia event came from a wide range of medical and legal disciplines to share knowledge and gain insights. Brain injury trauma is one of the most comprehensive and time-consuming litigation challenges, requiring expert opinion and assessment from a broad scope of health professionals.

Connect Experts Vice-President Rick Rokosh and Senior Legal Nurse Consultant Carly Dyck attended and found it a learning experience from both an expert and client service perspective.

"It was a good opportunity to appreciate the kind of challenges and advances we see in brain injury trauma," says Rokosh. "It also reinforced to us the severity of TBI, and the value of brain injury and rehabilitation specialists."

Connect Experts has worked with hundreds of medical and legal experts across Canada and internationally since it was founded in 2001. The company, which has handled more than 2,000 malpractice, personal injury and class action cases, provides comprehensive Cost of Care reports to some of Canada's leading lawyers.

Experts at last week's conference included acclaimed physician Dr. Cirelle Rosenblatt from the Advance Concussion Clinic in Vancouver. Dr. Rosenblatt spoke about 'Aetiology and Management of Post-Concussion Symptoms', offering insights into a multi-modal approach to care.

Dr. Barbara McGillivray of the Department of Medical Genetics, Children’s and Women’s Health Center of BC, spoke on 'Traumatic Brain Injury: Are There Genetic Issues?'. Dr. Gary Stimac from the Imaging Network of Seattle, Wash., provided his expertise on 'Neuroradiology Correlation'.

An experts panel was also on hand to discuss 'Impact of TBI on Developmental Issues', which was then followed by a question-and-answer session with audience members to close the conference.

Connect Medical Legal Experts incorporates a 360-degree view of its client's needs and associated costs by consolidating multidisciplinary expertise including medical, therapy, nursing, transportation equipment, supplies and medications.

"This team-based approach makes so much sense, because this is work they already do as nurses – co-ordinating care for patients, with input from a team of other healthcare professionals," Rokosh notes.

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