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Inside Medical Malpractice

Listen in as Chris Rokosh RN, PNC(C), Legal Nurse Consultant and President of Connect Experts, interviews guests that range from lawyers to doctors, nurses and patients.

With a deep respect for both healthcare and law, these podcasts will inform, surprise and engage as they take you inside the hospital, the home, the clinic or the courtroom.

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Interviewed guests include:

  • Dr. Danielle Ofri, MD PhD, Internist, Bellevue Hospital, NYC
    • Doctor Confronts Medical Error with Dr. Danielle Ofri, MD, PhD
    • Dr. Danielle Ofri MD, PhD is one of the most thought provoking and influential voices in healthcare today. She is a clinical professor at NYU School of Medicine, an internist at Bellevue Hospital and the author of several acclaimed books including ‘When We Do Harm. A Doctor Confronts Medical Error.’ Her discussion on adverse events in healthcare will make you stop and think for a very long time. Listen as Dr. Ofri highlights the importance of communication in health care and shares the one thing we can all do today to improve patient safety. Dr. Ofri believes that COVID-19 has shone a positive spotlight on healthcare providers, offering a unique opportunity to affect positive change. She also shares why malpractice lawyers should care about how doctors feel in the wake of a malpractice claim. Don’t miss this podcast!
  • Gary Will, Lawyer, Managing Partner, Will Davidson LLP
    • The Orchard Villa Long Term Care Center COVID-19 Class Action Lawsuit
    • In this incredibly timely episode of Inside Medical Malpractice, Chris Rokosh talks with Toronto lawyer Gary Will about the class action lawsuit involving the Orchard Villa Long Term Care Home in Ontario. Gary says this lawsuit is the biggest and most important challenge of his career. It isn’t just about the COVID-19 deaths in the spring and summer of 2020, it’s about a timeline that started years ago with a change of ownership, complaints about staffing, allegations of neglect and abuse, and multiple investigations by the Ministry of Long-Term Care. Learn about the specific allegations in this action, the challenges in the road ahead and how both Gary and the class members hope that litigation will improve the future of Long Term Care. The story is tragic. The issues are tough and divisive. But the lessons we can all learn are valuable.
  • Virginia May Q.C., Lawyer, Retired
    • 40 years of Trailblazing
    • In this very special episode of Inside Medical Malpractice, Chris Rokosh talks to lawyer Virginia May about her 40 years of successful trail blazing. Virginia was not only one of the first (pregnant!) female law partners in Alberta in the 1980’s, she founded her own very successful litigation firm May, Jensen, Shawa Solomon in 1995. Listen in as she shares the ups and downs of the early days, and the details about the most memorable cases in her medical malpractice career. In her brilliant and perfectly no nonsense way, Virginia offers invaluable insight and advice to lawyers, doctors, nurses and patients. Even in her late 70’s, she continues to share knowledge as a mediator and strategic advisor and has a clear vision of what still needs to change in the profession of law.
  • Paul Cahill, Lawyer, Will Davidson LLP, Toronto
    • Inside the Courtroom - 3 Medical Malpractice Trials
    • This fascinating series of podcasts by Toronto lawyer Paul Cahill takes us inside the courtroom for the highs and lows of three medical malpractice trials. Hacopian Estate v. Mahmoud is based on the delayed diagnosis of uterine cancer and a tragic death. Paul’s theory of this case was simple; when it comes to cancer, early diagnosis is better. O’Neill-Renouf v. Ibraham focuses on a rare complication which occurred during a seemingly minor surgical procedure; Tension-Free Vaginal Tape Surgery (TVT). Paul discusses the ‘backwards perspective’ required to prove that in spite of the medical record saying everything went right, the nature of the injury inferred that something went terribly wrong. Woods v. Jackiewicz was a jury trial involving a 1991 pregnancy complicated by Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) with the tragic outcome of Cerebral Palsy. Paul discusses the signs and symptoms which should have prompted earlier investigations, and may have delayed the need for a stat C Section at 27 weeks gestation.
  • Farah Ismail, Nurse, Lawyer, Healthcare Consultant and Executive Leader
    • Malpractice Concerns for Frontline Healthcare Providers During COVID-19
    • Doctors and Nurses are tasked with providing safe, ethical and competent care - even in the midst of a pandemic. This incredibly relevant and timely interview with Executive Leader, Nurse, Lawyer Farah Ismail addresses considerations for minimizing the risk of malpractice claims during the COVID-19 crisis. There are already multiple claims of negligence against Nursing Homes and healthcare providers, with the likelihood of more to come. Hear real stories from the frontline and gain a deeper awareness of the evolving landscape of healthcare delivery and services in these stressful and uncertain times. This might just be one of the most important podcasts you listen to in 2020!
  • Shelagh McGregor, Lawyer, Weir Bowen, Edmonton
    • The expert opinion of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals
      is critical in medical malpractice cases.
    • This series of podcasts with plaintiff lawyer Shelagh McGregor is an absolute must for anyone considering medical legal work or wanting to know more about the role of the expert witness. Learn how important experts are to the justice system, what constitutes a great expert and a great expert report, and strategies for navigating the thing everyone worries about – going to court. Shelagh shares knowledge, insights and practical strategies that you won’t want to miss.
  • Maia Tomljanovic, Lawyer, Cuming Gillespie
    • When you’ve spent your entire career finding negligence in the health care system, how do you trust that same system to take care of you?
    • Don’t miss this fascinating episode of Inside Medical Malpractice as Chris Rokosh interviews medical malpractice lawyer Maia Tomljanovic about her somewhat rocky experience of having a baby. Hear what went right, what went wrong, and how her combination of medical and legal knowledge shaped her hopes, fears, expectations and could affect her future. Maia offers insight and advice to expectant mothers entering the hospital, and to the doctors and nurses who take care of them.
  • Richard Halpern, Lawyer, Gluckstein Lawyers
    • Toronto lawyer Richard Halpern offers a great introduction to the basics of medical malpractice law and shares invaluable advice for nurses and doctors on documentation and communication.
    • Richard provides an overview of the laws, challenges and legal principles that guide medical malpractice claims. Richard offers some great advice to healthcare professionals about communication and documentation and advice to injured patients who might be considering a malpractice claim.  They discuss how lawyers decide when, or if, to take on a medical malpractice case. Hear about the difficult discussions and the practical decisions that help lawyers determine whether or not a claim has merit. Why wouldn’t a lawyer take the case? How much does it cost if they do?  How do you find a qualified medical malpractice lawyer? And what are the steps required to commence a lawsuit?  This highly experienced lawyer discusses how he handles these extremely complicated and ‘dangerous’ lawsuits from beginning to end. Learn how Richard walks the lengthy and sometimes arduous path of a malpractice lawsuit and discusses the 3 elements of determining financial damages; pain and suffering, loss of income and costs of future care. 

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