• October: Chris Rokosh presents at the 2014 CAPWHN National Conference in Regina.
  • September: Chris Rokosh is a presenterat the Western Canada Medical Malpractice Group conference in Vancouver. Chris presented on the evolving 'Standards of Care' to a group of Western Canada's top medical malpractice litigators.
  • August: "Legal Issues in Nursing" is presented to 1,100 nurses in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Due to high demand and excellent reviews, additional dates are proposed for Ontario, BC, and Alberta.
  • April: "Prepping the Medical Expert Witness" is published in Lawyer's Weekly - a summary of the presentation by Chris Rokosh of CanLNC and Paulette DeKelver of Weir Bowen.
  • March: Chris Rokosh and Paulette DeKelver co-presented "How to Instruct Your Experts and Prepare Them for Trial" at the ACTLA (Alberta Civil Trial Lawyer's Association) seminars March 2014 in Calgary and Edmonton. Very well received (all ratings were Good or Excellent!), as well as stimulated some excellent discussion.
  • February: CanLNC President Chris Rokosh is published in Lawyers Weekly - 'Health Records Going Far Beyond Hard Copy


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