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Connect Experts needs your medical expertise as expert witness for litigation

Canadian team includes hundreds of high-performing Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Paramedics, Laboratory, Respiratory and X-ray Technicians

In more than in the clinical setting, the justice system depends on the knowledge and opinion of experts as evidence in their role as the settler of disputes. Your expertise is valued - expert witnesses are referred to as a 'friend of the court'.

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Connect Medical Legal Experts is always looking for experts interested in the role of the expert witness.

The Connect Experts team includes hundreds of high performing Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Paramedics, Laboratory, Respiratory and X-ray Technicians - experts that bring their skill to any project that requires an understanding of the healthcare facts.

We provide mentoring and support as you provide invaluable, unbiased expertise in your role as an expert witness.

Connect Medical Legal Experts has been locating, training/mentoring and supporting expert witnesses from across Canada for over 10 years.  We've supported hundreds of experts as they apply their knowledge in a new way. One that is valuable and respected.

You can continue to work in your clinical role - in fact, that is recommended. 

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Speakers - Conferences

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Connect Experts has extensive experience in locating specific experts with specific expertise for medical and/or legal conferences.

We know what speakers expect and need. Our extensive experience as speakers add to our credibility and ability to convince potential speakers that the opportunity is real, and that their expertise is relevent and valued for a specific conference and audience.

We've organized and presented at many conference over the years - with specific focus on the medical and legal audiences - professionals whose expectations are for a top notch conference - well organized, excellent and relevent agenda, customize food and beverage for a particular audience and budget, and engaging, outstanding speakers.

Let us know if you are looking for individual speakers or for complete conference organization. We know medical/legal, and we know conferences.

Presenting Medical Cannabis: The science. The research. The risks.   November 15, 2019,  New York.


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Connect Experts brings the right physician expert to assist litigators

Connect physician expert

Our specially trained Physician locator will do the legwork and find the right expert for your case

Our experienced Physician locator will help you find and prequalify physicians, offering you a knowledgeable and experienced expert witnss who is qualified to provide a defensible position on your case. If requested, we will find the best in the field in North America.

Many of our experts are faculty members and are respected as top specialists in their field.

Our extensive database of physician expert witnesses has since 2001 provided support or testimony to more than 800 cases, from many specialties and geographic locations

If we don't currently have the medical expert you're searching for, we will find the specialist you need.

Speak with our Physician Locators, experienced nurses with a broad spectrum of healthcare knowledge and expert witness experience, who can provide valuable input on the type of medical expert witness you need.

Here is a partial list of the physicians we've provided:

Pediatrician Surgical Gynaecologist  Orthopaedic Surgeon Endocrinologist
Neurologist Radiologist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Oncologist
Obstetrician Neonatologist Internal Medicine/Intensivist GP with Obstetrics
Psychiatrist Hematologist Infection Disease Specialist 

General Surgeon

Chiropractor Gastroenterologist Oncological Radiologist


Anesthetist Plastic Surgeon Ophthalmologist


Read more about being a physician expert witness for Connect Experts. 

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