We're Experts in Experts



  • Expert Witnesses for Legal Actions - physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, EMTs/paramedic, etc,
  • Case Merit Assessment – preliminary review and assessment, chronology, identify issues, players, specialties, educate on medical facts,
  • Cost of Future Care Assessments  / IME's 
  • Class Action/Large Scale Support – identify criteria for evaluating a claim, locate and provide experts, medical record summary/analysis/statistics, claim package completion.
  • Medical and Medical Legal Education - As any industry expands and healthcare information changes, so does continuous up to date medical education. We can connect you with the absolute best healthcare expertise in any field. Anywhere in the world.
  • Innovation - we have ideas for innovation and change around systems, products and the technologies that could improve outcomes.
  • Research -  we can deploy a survey or qualitative analysis of health care providers to gather information around any specific topic, campaign, idea or help develop your educational materials.


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