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Our capabilities include:

  • Expert Witnesses for Legal Actions - physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, EMTs/paramedic, etc, Case Merit Assessment – preliminary review and assessment, chronology, identify issues, players, specialties, educate on medical facts, Cost of Future Care Assessments  - services available in all major Canadian markets, Class Action/Large Scale Support – educate on healthcare issues, identify criteria for evaluating a claim, locate and provide experts, medical record summary/analysis/statistics, claim package completion.
  • Medical and Medical Legal Education - As any industry expands and healthcare information changes, we understand there are immediate education needs throughout various geographic and business areas. We can connect you with the absolute best healthcare expertise in any field. Anywhere in the world.
  • Campaign or pitch consultation - Our experts understand not only the science, but the nuances jand real-life impact of health related and pharmaceutical producst. We can offer healthcare consultants to guide a pitch, education stakeholders or create accurate, understandable and authentic work.
  • Innovation - Becuase our company has had an up-close look at thousands of adverse events in healthcare, and because we have a wide variety of highly specific nursing and medical specialties, we have ideas for innovation and change around systems, products and the technologies that could improve outcomes.
  • Research - Our database of experts provides an incredible sample of health care provider knowledge. We can deply a survey or qualitative analysis of health care providers to gather information around any specific topic, campaign, idea or develop your educational materials.


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