Our Experts

Connect Experts offer medical/legal expertise that's fair, timely and defensible

Our medical/legal experts are all trained and qualified to match specific case criteria.

They are selected depending on credentials, geographic location, rural or tertiary hospital experience and previous expert witness experience and are held to the highest standard in supporting your case. 

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Every expert is thoroughly vetted for their:

  • education
  • clinical experience
  • previous expert work
  • reputation with patients and/or peers (for physicians)
  • communication skills
  • conflicts of interest
  • objectivity

Our experts take pride in their role and each understand:

  • The outcomes of healthcare-related lawsuits affect patients, families, healthcare professionals, public funding and the institutions that provide healthcare.
  • Their work is unbiased, defensible, credible, accurate and complete.
  • Their success as an expert is dependent on quality work delivered in a timely manner. 
  • They are knowledgeable within their area of expertise and that will meet all agreed- upon timelines.
  • They will see each case through to settlement or trial and that will appear in court as an expert witness if and when required.
  • They are healthcare professionals in good standing without restriction within their professional associations.  
  • They are first and foremost clinicians.  
  • Their role as medical/legal experts is an expansion of their current role within healthcare.

Our goal is to find you an expert that is unquestionably suitable for your specific case needs. They are objective, and unbiased. And wee're proud to say we do not and WILL NOT shop for an expert with a specific opinion.   

Need more information? Please contact us or call toll-free at 855-278-9273.