Frequently Asked Questions - Cost of Future Care

FAQs - Cost of Future Care

Absolutely.  Nurse experts are accepted as Cost of Future Care Experts in our courts, including some very significant cases (cit. Ediger v Johnston, 2009).

Nurses have the broadest scope of practice in healthcare - especially as Case Managers. They deal - first hand - with the vast variety of health and social issues and treatments of patients including mental health, sexual health, family issues, etc.

We believe nurses are the best specialty to develop most cost of care reports, as do US lawyers.

  • Nurses do this work for Federal and Provincial Governments today. They have education and years of experience focusing on the case management and developing care plans.
  • OTs, PTs, and Kinesiologists focus on function – a very important and skilled specialty. Nurses take the treatment plans of these specialists (as well as neuropsychologists, speech language pathologists and other rehabilitation specialists) to create a comprehensive and cohesive life care plan, then detail this plan into a cost of care report.

Canada is unique in having OTs develop cost of care reports. In the US, nurses are the default provider of Cost of Care reports – outnumbering OTs by a ratio of over 50 to 1.

We have experts across Canada. Our Nurse Experts are based in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Nova Scotia. They are available to meet with lawyers and/or their clients almost anywhere across Canada. As well, they can draw on the expertise of Connect Experts vast database of experts from across the country.
Yes. All our nurses have experience in Case Management, as well as particular skills in areas such as Pediatrics, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Mental Health, Home Care, Burns, Wound Care, Palliative Care and Military. Should your case warrant specific expertise, Connect Experts can provide that unique skill set.
Yes, our Nurses have training on Canada’s litigation process, and the expectations of expert witnesses. Most have attended a mock trial (featuring top Canadian plaintiff and defence lawyers).
  • Firstly, our nurses are long term case managers – educated and well experienced in developing care plans for the seriously injured.  
  • Secondly, our nurses all receive specialized training through the most respected Cost of Care courses (called Life Care Planning in the US).
  • Thirdly, Connect Experts continues to develop our experts and their reports with continuous improvement practices as well as training by Canadian lawyers (defense and plaintiff) and experts.
  • Fourthly, we participate in conferences and membership/certification/best practices from the Cost of Care/Life Care Planning associations (American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners and the International Association of Life Care Planners).