Cost of Future Care

Canada's Only National Team of Nurse Cost of Care Experts excel at litigation support

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Proven expertise in case management makes our experts stand out from the rest

Our specially trained Nurse Experts have proven expertise delivering unbiased and accurate Cost of Future Care reports. Their expertise allows them to deliver unparalleled medical-legal excellence to personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers.

Why use Connect Experts Nurses for Cost of Future Care reports?

  • Nurse Case Managers are the most appropriate specialist to develop Cost of Future Care Reports. Nurse Case Managers are trained and experienced at developing care plans for the chronically or catastrophically injured. They are the chosen specialty for this work in the public sector.
  • Nurses address the whole health of the patient – physical, emotional, and psychological. They are highly trusted medical professionals.
  • Nurse Case Managers become intimately familiar with the services and support available to address the needs of the catastrophically and chronically injured client.
  • They routinely collaborate with treating physicians, physical and occupational therapists and other adjunct healthcare providers to explore best outcomes.
  • In the U.S. 8 out of 10 Future Cost of Care reports are contracted to trained Nurse Experts.

We can leverage our network of hundreds of specialists to ensure your Future Cost of Care report gets the expertise your client deserves.

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