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Connect Experts a top provider of medical/legal education in Canada

Specialized learning for Nurses, Risk Managers, Physicians and others working in healthcare


We have trained literally thousands of Nurses, RPNs/LPNs, Risk Managers, Hospital Managers, Physicians and Lawyers.

Courses are taught primarily by our founder Chris Rokosh, an R.N. with 30+ years' nursing experience as well as a respected and highly sought expert witness, primarily in obstetrical nursing. Rokosh is a humorous and engaging speaker with extensive experience presenting in Canada and the U.S.

We enthusiastically educate healthcare professionals on the lessons learned from firstly having extensive clinical care experience, followed by the unique knowledge acquired from the detailed analysis and opinion on the care provided in over 1500 serious adverse events (serious enough to result in litigation).

Our education goal is to help improve patient safety and the quality of patient care and the nursing profession. Our formal courses for nurses/healthcare professionals can be found at the links below:

New! Documentation: Your Best Defence

Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting

Legal Issues in Nursing

Marketing for the Legal Nurse Consultant

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