Announcing our NEW Podcasts for 2020

Join Chris Rokosh as she interviews a broad range of guests to include Lawyers and Doctors, Nurses and Patients.
Announcing our NEW Podcasts for 2020

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Connect Medical Legal Experts

Connect Medical Legal Experts needs expert witnesses 
from all healthcare specialities

physicians in OR

In any medical litigation case, it is crucial to establish a standard of care. In some cases, this is best represented by physician or nurse experts. However, in many others, other healthcare professionals are required to provide expert opinion on the delivery of health care and its impact on medical outcomes.

We are looking for allied healthcare professionals who can partner with us to provide this important service. Pharmacists, physiotherapists, paramedics, x-ray technicians, respiratory therapists- medical experts are needed from every healthcare specialty.

What role does Connect Experts play?

Connect Experts can provide support and mentorship to make your expert witness experience as smooth as possible:

  • We can receive the medical records and do some pre-screening to ensure that the medical and legal records are complete.
  • We can discuss the case with you to help in your analysis.
  • We can provide mentorship on the role of the expert witness.
  • We can potentially find other medical experts to discuss the case.
  • We can provide guidance on exactly what you should produce for a comprehensive and complete expert report.
  • We can do an administrative review (ie. for proper format, clarity) of your report before submitting to the lawyer.
  • We will handle the billing and ensure you get paid expediently.
  • Our experts are highly educated and experienced medical professionals with a passion for defending excellence in healthcare delivery. Does this sound like you?

We also provide mentorship on how to be an expert witness. The expert we provide will have experience or knowledge on the expert witness role, and understanding of the litigation process. We will provide an administrative review of any written report.

Need more information? Call us at 855-278-9273 (toll free) or email us.


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Lawyer Testimonials

As you recall, I came to you a few weeks ago, desperate for an expert to respond to a late-served defence opinion. The assignment was a 'mission impossible' with a ridiculously short deadline and you guys came through like the heroes you are. An enthusiastic "Thank You" for the contribution you made.
Aleks Mladenovic - Thomson Rogers
Chris and her colleagues have helped our office many times in locating leading experts in specialized and sub-specialized areas of medicine, in sourcing medical information and in helping us interpret and understand this information - invaluable in evaluating cases and preparing for trial. Each challenge we present is met with enthusiasm, dedication and access to a vast network of health care knowledge.
Joe Miller - Weir Bowen
I have been counsel in medical malpractice cases for in excess of 25 years and have no hesitation in recommending Chris Rokosh as a first rate expert witness. In a number of cases where Chris has been retained she has demonstrated the necessary expertise and objectivity that the best experts must possess.
Jerome Morse - Morse Shannon
Connect Experts has banished that age old barrier to justice, the inability to find an independent medical expert willing to give opinion. This service is worthy for use by lawyers and their clients who want to know if they have a case, and who want to win it if they do.
Ches Crosbie - Crosbie Barristers
I retained Connect Experts to assist me with a Cost of Future Care report for a severely brain injured young man. A Life Care Planner reviewed the medical legal reports from the various medical experts I had retained, attended my client’s residence, met with his parents, and generated a very detailed comprehensive Cost of Future Care report. I was highly satisfied. I would recommend this service to other personal injury lawyers with severely brain injured clients.
Joseph A. Nagy - Durocher Simpson Koehli Erler