Cost of Future Care Process

Connect Experts uses a Structured and Evolving Process in the Creation of Cost of Future Care Reportsnurse elderly patient

Our process follows the steps as defined by the American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners (  This association promotes education, collegiality, collaboration, research, and standards as they relate to the practice of Nurse Life Care Planning. 

Life care planning is a consistent process for evaluating the client and disability in order to establish all of the needs dictated by the onset of that disability.

Life care planning is a natural extension of case management. Nurse Case Managers plan and coordinate a client’s medical care for a short period of time. A Nurse Life Care Planner extends that care plan to address the rest of a patient’s life.  Case management is primarily a role of a nurse (for example 90% of the members of the Case Management Society of America are nurses).

Connect Experts Cost of Future Care Experts have extensive experience as Nurse Case Managers. You can trust our Experts to apply their Case Management skills and experience and skills in practice as your Cost of Future Care Expert.

Our Process

The steps used to create a Cost of Future Care report are:

  • Case intake/discussion
    • to get a basic understanding of the injured, their disabilities, social situation, etc.
    • to ensure we understand the lawyers needs and schedule
  • Medical record review
    • Review medical history
    • Document previous care providers
    • Review current care providers and their recommendations for treatment
  • Home/Client Assessment
    • Assess the client in their home to confirm diagnosis, suitability of treatment/equipment recommendations
    • Use a structured assessment process customized for each particular client's disability
  • Consult with current treatment providers
    • Contact each significant treatment provider (GP, OT, Case Manager, SLP, etc.) to confirm Life Care Plan recommendations
  • Create the Life Care Plan and related costs to create the Cost of Future Care report
    • Consolidate the recommendations of current treatment providers with the needs/desires of the client and the seasoned experience of the Nurse Expert to create a comprehensive, practical, customized plan for each client

Our caring and competent cost of future care nurse experts are very experienced and trusted in interacting with clients and other healthcare professionals.  Nurses are the face of healthcare in the hospital, in transition from hospital to home care, and in ongoing case management/home/community care.


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