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Announcing Canada's Only Nurse Cost of Future Care Consultant ServiceInterviewing-disabled-client-small

Now offering Cost of Future Care Consultants located in:

  • Edmonton
  • Calgary
  • Toronto/Oshawa
  • Nova Scotia
  • And growing!

"The analysis was detailed and the recommendations all made sense.  The case settled for the policy limits so we had a very good outcome." - B.C. plaintiff lawyer

Why Nurses?  Because Nurses:

  • Address the whole health of the patient - not just function
  • As Home Care/Case Management specialists, are intimately familiar with available services and support
  • Have broad medical knowledge.  They understand the spectrum of different diagnoses, medications and treatments
  • Have a strong foundation for Life Care Planning, as evidenced in the U.S. where the prevalent provider of Future Cost of Care reports are Nurses
  • Are trusted by patients, their families and other healthcare professionals

"Just got your Cost of Future Care report.  It looks great!" - Ontario plaintiff lawyer

Nurses have been accepted as future care experts by the Canadian courts - Ediger v. Johnston

A few Canadian Nurse Life Care Planners have been providing Future Care Cost reports to Canadian litigators for years, and are some of the most respected and sought after damages experts - accepted in courts across the country.  Connect Experts is proud to expand the presence and availability of Nurse Life Care Planners to our existing and new clients across Canada.

 "I was highly satisfied and recommend this service to other personal injury lawyers with severly brain injured clients." - Edmonton plaintiff lawyer

Why Connect Experts Nurses?  Our Nurses:

"... a Life Care Planning approach is a more appropriate method to evaluate...needs" - McLaughlin v. Levesque
  • Receive enhanced instruction from leading Canadian plaintiff and defence lawyers
  • Are Legal Nurse Consultants – familiar with the litigation process and the responsibilities/value of experts
  • Provide thorough, objective and concise care plans specific to the individual
  • Are supported by a company focused on Customer Service, Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement

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We are currently providing Cost of Future Care reports to top personal injury firms across Canada and hope to bring a new level of service, quality and competency to the damage assessments field. 

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We have particular skills in Case Management, Rehabilitation, Pediatrics, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Mental Health, Home Care, Burns, Wound Care, Military.

And we can leverage our network of hundreds of physician and other specialists to ensure your Future Cost of Care report gets the expertise you need.

We know the Future Cost of Care report is the heart and soul of the personal injury case.

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