Physician Experts

Representing the standard of care is critical in medical litigation. When litigation does happen, medical experts are the critical resource to ensure that fairness and objectivity are front and center in determining fault and the resulting consequences.

A knowledgeable, unbiased, and forthright opinion on the care provided can result in the appropriate result in the review of a case. It is the only hope for a fair and just result.

We are looking for medical experts who can partner with us to provide this important service. Our intent is to help defend excellence in medicine and nursing by providing physicians, nurses and other medical specialties to Canadian lawyers. The experts we provide are well experienced, well educated - at the top of their field.

The experts must be willing to represent the standard of care - and to provide opinion on whether the care provided adhered to that standard.

What role does Connect Experts play?

Initially we consult with lawyers, helping to determine the most appropriate medical expertises required and assisting the legal team in getting experts that are technically capable, well experienced and an excellent representative of the standards of care for each case.

We assist the physician by working to determine if the physicians expertise is, in fact, appropriate for the case at hand, by working with the lawyer to ensure proper documentation is available, and by supporting the physician expert through the process.

Connect Experts can provide support and mentorship to make your expert witness experience as smooth as possible:

  • We can receive the medical records and do some pre-screening to ensure that the medical and legal records are complete.
  • We can write a chronology that you can use as a guide and can include in your expert report.
  • We can discuss the case with you to help in your analysis.
  • We can potentially find other medical experts to discuss the case.
  • We can provide guidance on exactly what you should produce for a comprehensive and complete expert report.
  • We can do a review of your report before submitting to the lawyer.
  • We will handle the billing and ensure you get paid expediently.
  • If you feel you are an expert that is willing and potentially enthusiastic about representing Canada's medical standards of care in this fashion, that's fabulous - we'd love to work with you and support you.

Give us a call at 855-278-9273, or email .

Testimonials for Experts

I have now worked on five legal cases. My clinical and critical thinking skills have been stretched in ways I could not have imagined. I now mentor nurses from a different perspective, helping them to understand how significant the decisions they make (or don't make) every day can impact outcomes. Connect Expert's 'Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting' was the best decision I've ever made!.
RN Long Term Care
It’s been a pleasure working with Connect Experts. My skills and confidence at being an expert witness has increased through my relationship with them. Their support is adept, authoritative, prompt and cheerful! This work is stimulating, challenging and enriching. I feel fortunate to be a part of the Connect Experts network.
Physician - General Practitioner
Connect Experts provides a professional and efficient service when providing advice and consultation for medical legal matters
Physician - General Surgery